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Company Name: Discount Tool Warehouse
Name of Contact: Keith Latham
Position: Owner

What are you selling online?
At we sell a wide range of Hand & Power tools. We currently have 1000s of products available for trade and diy. We are also adding new products onto our site every week. We keep ahead of our competitors by offering all products at genuine discount prices.

Why did you switch from osCommerce to Magnet Commerce?
At the time we were looking to make our website more attractive and have less technical issues to worry about, so that we could concentrate on our core business. A Magnet Commerce free trial persuaded us on the suitability of the solution and the offer of a free transfer of our existing shop made the switch really easy.

How has Magnet Commerce helped your online sales?
Our product presentation is far more attractive than in our old website. Combined with easier navigation and buying process, we now convert more visitors to customers.

What features do you like about Magnet Commerce?
The ease of use of the site and the help from all the staff at Magnet Commerce is second to none.

Keith Latham, Owner of 'Discount Tool Warehouse'


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