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Magnet Commerce - A complete eCommerce solution for small businesses
Magnet Commerce is an ASP ecommerce shopping cart software. It helps small businesses sell online by providing all functionalities required for setting up and managing an e-commerce store: Users can build their product catalog, set the store's look and feel, define custom tax and shipping options, manage orders and customers and receive sales statistics. It also has pre-installed support for connecting with credit card processing companies so users can accept secure online payments and support for connecting with shopping portals so users can increase sales.
The software is built using and each customer receives his/her own SQL Server 2003 database.
Apart from a complete ecommerce solution, Magnet Commerce provides customers with web hosting services, business email responsive support and regular upgrades. All these are offered to our subscribers at the cost of one monthly subscription.

Why Magnet Commerce is Better than the Rest
Responsive support Friendly support at all times FREE of charge
No hidden fees NO charges per transaction, NO fixed term contracts.All included in one monthly subscription
Attractive, efficient stores Customers can find what they're looking for in just a couple of clicks
Advanced multi language & currency functionalities Multi language features are in place to help you attract customers from all over the world! Whatsmore Let your customers choose a currency dispayed on your online store!
Product filtering Your customers will quickly find what they're looking for using our product filtering feature
Advanced, easy-to-use features Setup your online store quickly and effortlessly using the advanced features of our software

Apply for a FREE 15 day Trial of Magnet Commerce to see what our software can do for you!

What Magnet Commerce Customers say

'Less grey hair, and more free time.. only at Magnetcommerce', Jun 29, 2005 Reviewed By:
You can spend hundreds, if not thousands of ££ or $$ trying to set up an online store or portal. Domain registration, hosting, building the site if you don’t know anything, designers, marketing specialists, then you have to advertise it, market it, register it on search engines the list goes on and your hair gets more grey every day. Or you can learn to work SMARTER not HARDER! Magnetcommerce did all of that in one go, with simple software to create and build your own site and a live view of everything as you go. You find your site, or portal can be built in a matter of minutes! The software’s regularly updated with more features to make running your site faster, simpler and of course SECURE!! We all want security in this day and age. But don’t think you pay the low fees and are left on your own either, your given live support through a chat interface and email backup from a team with YEARS of experience in the industry. You’re not alone, you become part of a community that works with you and grows with you making you an important integral part of the internet and your piece of it. If simplicity is the key then MagnetCommerce have the simplest system that wields the most powerful of results. Instantly! If you want more bang for your buck, a website that’s live and the structure built in less than an hour then you won’t find anything better, cheaper or faster than MagnetCommerce!! Before you think this review is written by one of the staff members its not, I know how good the company and system is as we use them!! So you have the genuine opinion of a happy customer'
-Axle Dave,
Owner of

'This is the best service I’ve had yet...', Jun 29, 2005 Reviewed By:
Well what can I say? I've been round on the internet for a few years now, so I thought it was time to try and set a website up for myself. I thought I would try something small to start with before going too far and opening up a shop, forum and a portal. My first port of call was eBay, and I found a domain and hosting company for a nice price so opted to host my site that way. I had so much trouble with it going offline, not working correctly, poor set up and other faults, so I consulted one of my good mates (MTG). He said to try out Magnetcommerce, it was little more expensive than what I had paid on eBay, but the guys at magnetcommerce are very helpful and are at the end of the phone or computer whenever you need help. Thanks to these guys I have my own shop up and running, my forum and a portal!! This is the best service I’ve had yet. They don’t want to take your money and leave you after that, they want you to get the best out of your site!! All I can say is THANKYOU magnetcommerce.'
-Wayne Evans,
Owner of


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