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Magnet Commerce Overview

Welcome to Magnet Commerce!

Dear merchant,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for choosing to trade with Magnet Commerce. Whatever the needs of your e-store, our software will provide you with one of the best e-Commerce solutions available in the market.

Magnet Commerce is a complete Web-based packaged solution. There is no software to install on your PC, no worries about servers, Internet connections, security issues, backups, smooth upgrades or anything else.

Magnet Commerce allows full design, customization and layout of your e-store in a fast and straightforward way. You can create a multi-language storefront with provision for international currency, shipping and tax calculation. You can also accept secure payments online and use our powerful search technology to help your visitors find what they're looking for in 1-3 clicks! Additionally, it is possible to integrate the design of any existing website with our e-commerce software quickly and effortlessly.

With Magnet Commerce you will have total 24/7 control of design and content as well as tax, shipping and transaction handling. In addition you can get sales statistics and work on your promotion features any time you wish to do so. Web based administration allows you to work on your e-store any time and from any place you want!

This is a complete User Guide. It will take you through all different aspects of setting up your e-store (back end administration) by use of the Magnet Commerce powerful Administartion Panel.
At the same time it will show you the changes you will be making on your storefront (front end administration), which you can access at any time by pressing the "View Store" link found at the top-right corner of the administration page.

Simply login to your e-store's Administartion Panel and start building your e-Commerce success today! Its fast, simple and fun!