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Online Store Members

Online Store Members

Magnet Commerce allows you to view a detailed list of your online store's members. These can be customers that have performed one or more orders, have subscribed to your newsletter or have just registered as members to your online store.

To view a list of your store's members click on the "Members > View" tab of your Administration Panel:

Figure: Use the "Members > View" tab in the Administration Panel to view your e-store's members.

Search for members:

Right below the "Members > View" tab, you will see a search function. This function's search criteria allow you to locate members based on their id, email, phone, name, country, subscription date, the orders they have performed or the amount they have spent. For example in the following figure a search is performed for members that subscribed on the 19th of May 2005:

Figure: Members Search function.

List of members:

All members of your online store are listed on the "Members > View" page.

Each member has several attributes that are represented as columns on the Members list:

Each column on the Members List can be sorted in ascending or descending order, by clicking the title of the column. For example, to sort members in ascending order by ID simply click on "ID". To sort back in ascending order, click on ID again.

Figure: All members of your online store are listed on the "Members > View" page.

The Members List contains the following fields:

ID: Lists the member ID number which is automatically given to each member upon subscription.
Member email: Lists the member's email address. This is used for sending order confirmations, your newsletter etc. It is also used by the member to login to your online store.
Member name: Lists the member's name. Names are listed by "Last Name, First Name".
Number of orders: Lists the number of orders that a member has performed.
Total amount: Lists the total amount that a member has spent.
Actions: Shows you "Edit/Delete". By clicking on "Edit" you will be allowed to edit member information such as country or billing information. You can also Delete a member by clicking on "Delete".
!When you choose to "Delete" a member, the member's information will totally be deleted from the system so make sure you really want to do this!

Detailed member information:

To view "detailed member information" from the "Members List", click the "Edit" link in the "Actions" Column. This will take you to the "Member Information" page.

At the top of the page you will see a section with detailed member information:

Figure: Detailed Member Information. Top Screen.

This section will list:

Customer Information:
-- Email: The member's email address. This is used for sending order confirmations, newsletter etc. It is also used by the member in order to login to your online store.
-- Password: The password the member uses to login to your online store. The password is created automatically by the system upon member subscription.
-- Language: The language the member has chosen for browsing your e-store

Billing Information:
-- First Name: Member's first name
-- Last Name: Member's last name
-- Company: Company name -if the member is a company and not an individual
-- Address: Member's address
-- City: Member's city
-- Country: Member's country
-- State: Member's State
-- Zip/Postal Code: Member's zip or postal code
-- Phone Number: Member's phone number

Company information (if the member is a company and not an individual):
-- V.A.T.: VAT number
-- Social Security: Social Security number
-- Industry: The industry under which the company is listed

Receive our newsletter: If this box is ticked the member will receive your newsletter

All this information is provided by members upon subscription, but is also editable and can be changed by you at any time. Remember to click on the "Update customer" button to save any changes you have made!

At the bottom of the "Member Information" page you will find a list of all the orders performed by the member:

Figure: Orders placed by the member. Bottom Screen.

The list contains information regarding the Order ID, the date and time that the order was performed and the total amount spent. Press the "Edit" link to view the details of an order.

Store Front:

How can store visitors subscribe as members to your online store:

There are two ways that a visitor can become a store member:

Register: A visitor can register by clicking on "login":

Figure: A store visitor can register by clicking on "Login".

and then on the "Register..." link:

Figure: In the "Member Login" page the visitor can click on "Register" to subscribe.

In the registration page the visitor will be asked to enter his/her email. By clicking on "Register" a password will be automatically created and sent to his/her email address:

Figure: The visitor provides an email address and clicks on "Register" to become a store member.

Place an order: When completing their first order your customers will automatically become members of your online store. The billing, shipping and company information given during checkout will be used for creating the customer's account profile.

! An existing store member will have to login before placing an order!

How can store members change their account settings

A member of your online store can login to your store and change his/her account settings at any time.
To do so he/she will have to click on "login":

Figure: A member can login by clicking on "Login".

and enter the required login information:

Figure: In the "Member Login" page the subscriber must provide their login details and press "Login" to enter.

Once logged in, the member can click on "my account" to access his/her account information:

Figure: Your store members can click on "my account" to access/edit their account information.

This leads to the "Member Details" page where the member can change his/her account settings:

Figure: A store member can change all account settings.


Use the "Members > View" tab in the Administration Panel to view your e-store's members

Use the members search function to locate specific members.

The Members List provides information about the members' ID, email, name, orders performed and amount spent. Press the "Edit" link to view/edit detailed member information, or the "Delete" link to remove a member from your system.

Remember to click the "Update customer" button if you make any changes on a member's information page.

Store Front: Your store visitors can subscribe to your store during checkout or by use of the "Login" > "Register..." links. All store members can login to your store and change their account settings at any time.