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Payments User Guide

Payments User Guide

Magnet Commerce comes with numerous payment selections: credit cards, check, bank transfer, pay on delivery. Setting up your payment options is a simple and fast process by use of a simple "Payments" form.

To access this form, choose the "Setup > Payments" tab in the Administration panel:

Figure: Setup your Payment Options by choosing "Setup > Payments" in the Administration Panel.

Editing the Payment Options menu.

The following form found in the Administration Panel is used for adding your Payment Options:

Figure: Adding Payment options in the Payments Options menu.


If you wish to give your customers the option of paying by check tick the "Check" box. Use the text box next to it to define the name and address that the check will be payable to.

Wire transfer:

With Magnet Commerce you can also give your customers the option of paying by transferring money to your bank account. To do so, tick the "Wire Transfer" button and fill in your Bank Details in the text box on the right.

Pay on Delivery:

A third option is to let your customers pay on delivery. To make this option available tick the "Pay on Delivery (POD)" box and add any additional information on this payment option in the "Details" text box on the right.

Credit Cards:

Finally Magnet Commerce has pre-installed support for the following credit card processing companies:, PayPal, Moneris,, WorldPay, DeltaPay and WinBank. You can make any of these options available to your customers by ticking the respective box and adding the required information for each service.
! Be careful to provide all required information correctly for the credit card option you are enabling.

Once all the options are set click the "Update Setup" button to update the e-commerce storefront with the current settings.

Payment options on the store front:

Lets now take a look at an e-commerce storefront for which the previous payment options have been set. Having added the desired product to the cart, the customer moves to the checkout process where all possible payment options are presented:

Figure: During checkout, the customer is presented with the payment options set in the Administration Panel.

By selecting "Check" and clicking the "Proceed" button, the customer is presented with the address defined in the Payment Administration Panel:

Figure: When selecting to pay by Check, the customer is presented with the respective information

The customer is presented with similar information if they select the "Wire Transfer" or the "Pay on Delivery" Service.

If one of the credit card options is selected, the customer is automatically transferred to the respective service provider in order to complete the payment. All e-commerce transactions take place on their banks’ servers and we/you do not keep any credit card numbers or private information about customers. For example if Paypal is selected then the payment step is performed in the Paypal secure payment processing page:

Figure: If selected to pay by credit card, the customer is transferred to the provider's secure payment processing page.


Choose "Setup > Payments" in the administration panel to set the payment options available to your customers.

On the panel you can set "Check", "Wire Transfer" or "Pay on Delivery" services, as well as a wide range of Credit Card payment options.

Once all the options are set click on the "Update Setup" button to make the options available on your storefront.

Remember if you make a mistake, click the button relating to the section and read through it slowly to find the problem. When you have found it, highlight it, change it and click the save button to amend the changes. If you have any problems please feel free to contact someone on the live help, or alternatively email [email protected] for some additional expert help.