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About Froogle

About Froogle

Froogle, Google's shopping search engine, applies the power of Google's search technology to one very specific task: locating sellers that offer the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can buy it.

To use Froogle, click the Froogle top link on Google or go directly to the Froogle home page. Type in the name of the item you want to find and click on "Search Froogle" to see offers available for purchase online. If you prefer to pick up the item yourself, you can then click "Local Shopping" to enter your zip code and search for the item near you. Almost instantly, you'll see photos of relevant products and links to the stores that sell them. You'll also see product reviews and merchant ratings to help you make better buying decisions.

As with all other Google search results, Froogle ranks your results based on their relevance to your search terms. Google does not accept payment for placement within our actual search results, and the advertising that appears on Froogle search results pages is always clearly identified as "Sponsored Links."

Uploading a product feed

To upload a product feed to Froogle, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a Froogle Merchant Account: To subscribe visit the following page:

  2. Extract an up-to-date product feed from your Magnet Commerce store.
    To do so, go the "Marketing > Froogle" page of your administration panel:

    Figure: Go to the "Marketing > Froogle" tab.

    and get the product feed by clicking on "here":

    Figure: Click to get the Froogle data feed.

  3. Upload your feed to Froogle: To upload your feed please read the instructions at

    If you already have a Froogle account and you are experienced with the use of FTP software you can use the following information to upload your feed:

    Host name: This is where Froogle will look to find your data feed file.
    User: Your Merchant Account username
    Password: Your Merchant Account password
    Logontype: Should be set to normal, not anonymous. You may have to change this setting before you can enter your username and password.