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General Product Answers
Where does the name ‘Magnet’ come from?
= a device that attracts iron and produces a magnetic field. The Magnet Commerce eCommerce platform makes your eshop as ‘attractive’ as possible. It works exactly as its name implies: it is a ‘Magnet’ for your eshop visitors.

Why is Magnet Commerce different from other ecommerce software?
Magnet Commerce is different, because it enables you to build an advanced eCommerce shop without the assistance of professionals, thus lessening costs.
  • Magnet Commerce is an attractive solution for your eshop.
  • Magnet Commerce is a Do-it-Yourself solution.
  • Magnet Commerce allows you full 24/7 control of your products.
  • Magnet commerce employs the best user-friendly control panel.
  • Magnet Commerce is search engine friendly.
  • Magnet Commerce is built with the most current stable Web technologies.
Find out more here

Do I need programming or other software knowledge to use Magnet?
NO! Magnet Commerce requires zero programming knowledge. By simply using its control panel icons, you can produce an advanced ecommerce shop within a few hours.

What technologies does Magnet use?
Magnet Commerce makes use of the latest Microsoft technology solutions: and MS SQL Server 2003. We chose these technologies to ensure that our application will be as reliable and user friendly as possible.

Can I try it out before I buy it?
YES! You can try Magnet Commerce, before you buy it. There is an online demo available for testing purposes and to permit visual proof of its advantages. Please log in from the “Customer Login” area at the upper right hand corner of any page using:
Username: demo
Password: siteowners

Pricing Answers
How much does Magnet Commerce cost?
The standard monthly price is $99.95 and it includes Web hosting and software upgrades.

You have two set-up options in order to start selling tomorrow:

Option A: Software and Hosting set-up, with a $99.95 one time fee.
Option B: Software and Hosting set-up, including 8 hours of graphic design and implementation help, for only $349.95. This includes the onetime fee.
More on pricing here

How many products can I upload?
You may upload as many as 5000 products for your eshop, enough to please 99% of existing eshops worldwide.

Does Magnet charge a fee per sale?
NO! There is NO extra charge per transaction and NO hidden charges. All you have to pay is the monthly fee plus the one-time set-up fee. Magnet Commerce does not charge extra per transaction as most of our competitors do. More on this here

Domain Answers
Will I have my own domain name?
YES! You may use your own domain name. There are no restrictions on which domain you choose to use.

Can I add ecommerce to an existing Web site?
YES! You may still keep your Web site and simply point a sub-domain to our servers, which will have your eshop up and running within hours.

Hosting Answers
Is hosting included in the monthly fee?
YES! Web hosting is included in the monthly price. We give you ample space (500Mb) to upload your product pictures and plenty of bandwidth (5 GB).

Can I have email accounts?
YES! You may have up to 50 e-mail accounts for yourself and your team.

Can I host on a different server?
NO. Every Magnet Commerce customer must use our servers, to ensure the best possible service. Having all Magnet accounts hosted in our servers means we can guarantee fast and smoothly administered software upgrades.

Store Set-up Answers
How long does it take to get started?
Once you have signed up as a new customer, your account will be created by the end of the next business day. You will receive a welcome e-mail with all details. In order to subscribe use this form

Accepting Payments
What do I need to accept credit card payments?
Magnet Commerce has pre-installed credit card processing companies, such as PayPal, and will work with, an online retailer.. This means that you only have to enter your merchant ID to start accepting secure online payments.

Is it safe to accept credit cards online?
YES! It is safe. Both 2Checkout and PayPal are some of the most secure companies in the world. They serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. All transactions take place in their banks’ servers and we/ you do not keep any credit card numbers or private information about customers.

Getting Started with a Magnet Commerce Store
What do I need to get started?
Simply fill out our subscription form here

Are there any software or hardware requirements?
NO! There are no requirements. All you need is a browser like Internet Explorer 5.5+ or better.

What if I need some graphic design help?
Simply choose the Option B set up when you subscribe. We offer you 8 hours of graphic design and implementation help. We can also offer you graphic design services at affordable fees. Or, you may hire your own freelance designer.

Do you accept international merchants?
YES! Merchants from all countries are welcome as Magnet Commerce customers, except for those in US, EU sanction-applied countries.

Where do I sign up?
You can sign up here. We look forward to working with you.

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