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Company Name: Meet the Geeks
Name of Contact: Axle Davies
Position: Owner
Websites: and

What are you selling online?
We sell computer hardware and all those essential computer gadgets you can't live without. We try to stock only the most common items and those that everyone really uses. So that's office supplies like paper, discount ink, bubble wrap and parcel tape, all the way through to pen drives, hard drives, blank media and monitors. It's really the essential and every day items.

How often do you update your site and how important do you think updates are?
The site is regularly updated, even now we are working on a new look to the site as we have had so many great products and the prices changed so dramatically for the user, we felt a total fresh new look would, with new images, offer the customer greater details, better prices and more information on each product. Simple regular updates, or a total new look and update is so easy with magnet, and doesn't take long.

How has Magnet Commerce helped your online sales?
To be honest there are so many fantastic features of Magnet where do you start?
The possibilities of layouts?
The simple control over everything?
The fantastic online support if you needed it?
How even the new comer to a system like this can create and build an online presence in no time at all?

Does that sound like I'm a salesman for Magnet? Well I guess after the time we have been with Magnet we are more of ambassadors for them. We remember when the system was run with software on your PC before the online front end was built. So I guess to me the best feature is the way the system evolves to meet the needs of the user, its adaptive nature and sheer simplicity to give the amazing results you see in a Magnet store.

What features do you like about Magnet Commerce?
Oh stop it you will make me blush! I think the latest ideas were layout changes and structure ideas. Also the changes to the variants layout. Yes folks that was me. The presentation of your items is essential to show simply the options available on a product. The newer layout means you have a faster access to the same product and all its slight variants.

A good example would be this product page
All Duracell batteries on the one page, with the different types listed more clearly with in it. It's a small change but it's effective and makes creating the site a lot faster too!

Axle Davies, Owner of 'Meet The Geeks'


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