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Reliable Hosting

To ensure the best possible service, every Magnet Commerce subscriber is hosted on our servers. Having all Magnet accounts hosted on our dedicated servers means that we can guarantee fast and expertly administered software upgrades.

Reliable e-commerce hosting.
Our expert team of server administrators ensures the provision of a reliable and powerful web-hosting service.

Restricted data centre access
Data access is restricted to authorized users by use of confidential passwords. In this way the maximum security of your data is guaranteed.

Regular back-ups
Backup of all data is taken regularly to avoid the possibility of any data loss.

Secure software upgrades
Software upgrades are added to Magnet Commerce constantly. With all accounts hosted on our servers we can guarantee fast and expertly administered software upgrades. All your data is kept in-tact while giving you access to the newest and coolest software tools.

Regular back-ups
With a Magnet Commerce subscription you can also have exclusive e-mail accounts for you and every member of your team.

The best way to explore the rich features of Magnet Commerce is to take a free 15-day trial!

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