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Catalog management

Magnet Commerce comes with advanced features for building online product catalogs. It supports bulk product import and export, related product listings, stock status facilities, unlimited categories and sub-categories, product promotion features and much more. The web-based administration allows you to update your catalog at any time.

A world of products.
The standard package lets you upload as many as 5000 products on your e-store. You can offer unlimited detailed information about your products in text and photos: short / long descriptions, price ranges, related accessories, features, warranties, colors, sizes, delivery times and more.

Unlimited product categories and subcategories.
Organize your products into unlimited categories and subcategories. Depending on the volume and type of your products you can specify your own category – sub category structure.

Unlimited pages with custom content
Ability to create unlimited pages with custom content (i.e. About us, Contact us etc.). A WYSIWYG editor is integrated to help with this task.

Unlimited product photos
Upload as many photos as you like for each product. From these photos the system automatically creates smaller versions (thumbnails) that are used in pages with product lists. You just upload your largest photo, define the size and quality of the thumbnails in your store and the system creates the thumbnails and uses them as expected.

Downloadable e-Products
With Magnet Commerce you can sell electronic products on your online store. These are downloadable goods such as e-books, images, music, zip files etc.
Once an eProduct has been ordered and the payment has been received, a link for downloading the eProduct is automatically sent to the customer. You can define the period for which the link will be active.

Product variants
Magnet Commerce allows you to create many variants for each product (e.g. if you’re selling a t-shirt in 3 colors and 3 sizes, you can have 9 different products or one product with different colors and sizes!). Optional surcharges for specific variants are also possible and you can change the display of variants via the admin area.

Sort facility
You can change the order of categories, products, product types (e.g. price range, manufacturer etc.), product variants (e.g. colour, size etc.), photos, custom pages and more at any time via the administration panel.

Stock status functionalities
Set the stock status for each of your products (in stock, number of products in stock, unlimited stock, out of stock, expected). You can also set the stock separately for different product variations (e.g. Small-White, Small-Black, Large-White, Large-Black etc.).
Enable backorders so that products can be ordered even when temporarily out of stock.
Stock status is checked during the placement of an order and the customer is informed on the spot if stock is insufficient. When an order is placed successfully, the stock status is automatically updated.

Clone product feature
Adding similar products can be time consuming without using the cloning feature. Magnet Commerce offers you the opportunity to create a copy of a product with all details of the parent product except for its photos.

Hidden products and categories
You can hide specific products or categories from being viewed on your storefront. This way you don’t have to manually remove products or categories from your website when required (e.g. when it is out of stock).

Products in many categories
Assign products to multiple categories and sub-categories.

Not for sale products
You can add the 'not for sale' tag on a product if you only want to display and not sell it. Magnet Commerce gives you the option to create catalog only websites for showcasing and not selling your products online.

Non taxable products
With Magnet Commerce you can set specific taxes for certain products and also offer your customers non taxable products.

Import / Export products
With the click of one button you can import an existing product database to your store. This makes upgrading your current ecommerce solution to the Magnet Commerce platform a simple and straightforward procedure. You can also export data from your web store for editing or storage.

The best way to explore the rich features of Magnet Commerce is to take a free 15-day trial!

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